seattle documentary wedding photograper for the modern couple.

We have been shooting people and emotions for 10 years around the world; from Switzerland to Bali to Chicago. Our couples trust us to capture emotions and to tell an honest story about their most special day.

Principles of Sanc.ii

At Sancii, we live by three Japanese aesthetic principles: Shizen, Fukinsei and Shibui.


Shizen means "Naturalness" or the absence of pretense and artificiality. We are great believers of candid and natural moments. A full creative intent unforced. Most people get scared and think that this means that their pictures will be taken while they are unprepared and that they might be caught off guard, but that is not true. The concept of Shizen does not endorse just raw nature, but rather a naturalness with purpose and intention.


Fukinsei means Asymmetry or Irregularity. This design idea promotes the balance that is created from incompleteness, recognizing that imperfection is part of existence. The goal of Fukinsei is to create an asymmetrical and incomplete situation so that you may supply the missing symmetry pieces  and participate in the creative story. Our job as a photographer is to create the frame, and your part is to complete it. We believe in the power of collaboration between us and our clients. 


Shibui is the concept of understated beauty. Direct and simple without being flashy. It's a kind of unobtrusive beauty. That's the kind of photographers that we aspire to be. Weddings are something that is far from simple, so if we can, we would like to be the kind of simple people that you need in the middle of your hectic and stressful schedule. Come talk to us and you'll get to see for yourself.

"Michelle and Sean go above and beyond what is required of them"

Victoria Li