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At Sancii, we believe in promoting investment transparency in our packages. Please be mindful that each wedding or shoot will be unique, and we may need to customize based on your needs. The investment you are putting in takes into account cost of equipment (we only use top of the line equipment, so, so many different types!), the time spent actually covering your event, time to edit pictures, preparation and research time, lighting that we bring, other operational costs (such as the cost to maintain galleries and cloud storage) and any education that we need to take on to keep on being awesome for you.

All wedding packages include limited 35mm and 120mm film!

The Ultimate

$6450 + Tax

Includes everything in the Signature Wedding Package, along with the Engagement Package

Signature Wedding

$5500 + Tax


8 hours of coverage

350+ edited photos in high-res JPG

Photographer's Assistant

Basic Lighting equipment

Seamless digital delivery

Intimate or Elopement

$2700 + Tax


4 hours of coverage

200+ edited photos in high-res JPG

Photographer's Assistant

Seamless digital delivery


Civil Ceremony or Engagement

$1200 + Tax


2 hours of coverage

100+ edited photos in high-res JPG

Photographer's Assistant

Seamless digital delivery


Experiences by SANCII

For bridal showers, proposals and everything in between. Also great to gift to your wedding guests that are coming from out of town!

Note: This package is not appropriate for wedding celebrations.

$475 + Tax


1 hour of coverage

35+ edited photos in high-res JPG

Photographer's Assistant

Seamless digital delivery

Please see the Experiences by Sancii tab for more details



Multi Day Weddings

For those who need to celebrate for more than one day (whether it is cultural or if you are just into making the most out of your special day), we have special rates for the additional days you need.


We highly recommend printing your pictures. It just feels different when you hold it in your hands. Design services are complimentary, and choosing your favorite pictures will be done in a digital, stress-free manner.

Disposable Camera Development

We'll get disposable cameras for you and provide them for your guests to take pictures of your special day. After the wedding we'll collect the cameras, develop them, and send them to you in a digital format!

Wedding Guest book

If you hire us to take your engagement pictures, we can turn those pictures into a guest book for your guests to sign during your big day!


Do you shoot destination weddings?

Yes, we absolutely love our destination weddings. Reach out to us to chat more about this! Travel fees may be waived depending on where you are going.

Will there be a second shooter?

Dedicated second shooter is available at an additional investment. That said, there will be a photographer's assistant included in every package. This ensures we efficiently and effectively capture your wedding day moments. Our PA will assist with lighting, equipment and poses.

Do you offer any album printing?

Yes! In fact, we encourage you to print your photos. It just feels different to hold those memories in your hand. We will work with you to select the photos you love; from there, we will help with album design and produce your printed wedding photo album.

How long does editing take?

For weddings, the editing process takes approximately 10 weeks and for other shoots the process takes 4 weeks. With that said.. you can read all of our reviews only and see that we edit at lighting speed and 100% of the time we deliver ahead of schedule.

Will you give sample pictures after my wedding/shoot?

Yes! We get it, waiting is painful. We give at least 10 "highlights" pictures within 24-48 hours of your wedding/shoot.

Will you also be giving me the unedited pictures?

When you hire use, you're not only purchasing our day-of picture taking services but also our processing services. "Processing" includes sorting through duplicative pictures, fixing frames, angles and incorrect color tones. For that reason, we ask you to trust us in providing with the best quality edited pictures.

Does your coverage hours include travel time?

Reasonable travel times (within 30 minutes of downtown Seattle) is included on top of your coverage hours. So if you have 2 hours of coverage, we will automatically budget 1 additional hour for ourselves to travel to and from your venue. If your venue is further away, talk to us and we can discuss!

Why do you include lighting equipment in your package?

Photography, after all, is the art of capturing light. Having sufficient lighting will make sure you get the best quality pictures. Oftentimes the lighting provided by the venue is not sufficient, so we always make sure to bring our own basic lighting equipment.

Are there extra costs for film development?

There is no extra cost for film development.

Why do I need 2 hours for my Engagement shoot? Is there an option to do 1 hour?

We believe that photography is also the practice of creating art. Just like a painting, photography is a process. We need to spend enough time in order to try different angles, refine our work and look for moments. We think that 2 hours is the right amount of time needed to complete our painting together.

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